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Every year a lot of people make a strong commitment for the upcoming year. The end of the year marks a beginning for a new year filled with lots of pledges and resolutions. Majorly, all of them are bordering on the ways and means of losing the excessive flab in order to lead a healthier life.

Like any other resolution, some people manage to live up to the promises while others just prefer to prolong and forget. The New Year weight loss resolutions tend to fail over a predictable and unfortunate pattern. The restriction towards delicious and mouthwatering dishes tends to make the person’s diet chart tilt towards scrumptious food varieties and sweet dishes. The rate of success of these diet resolutions is indeed very discouraging.

So let’s go round and see some fat breaking resolutions which can truly make you achieve your goal this New Year. Don’t make breakable vows; instead, amaze the people with your strong will power and healthy diet regimes.

Making broad goals: – Some people make very broad goals like “I want to lose weight” or “I wish to save lots of money this year”. These types of goals work only when you create proper steps to achieve them. Setting smart goals every year will help you get exactly what you want. It should be measurable, attainable, realistic, specific and timely.

Making unrealistic expectations: – Every individual has his/her life beset with priorities, needs and wants. Therefore it’s very unfair for you to compare your results with a dietician or any singled out person who is specifically working in the field of weight loss. A dietician is devoting his day and night towards this target only. Try and avoid comparing yourself with such people who practice such a profession to earn their livelihood, for that is what they do best.

Making too many goals at one time and failing in all: – Some people make too many goals at a given point of time; the end result is that they are unable to focus on any single resolution. As a result, they feel overwhelmed from the result, which more than often leads to dejection. As a standard, set realistic, achievable goals for yourself so that achieving them can give you the feeling of being triumphant in your endeavors.

Suffering from the “snowball” effect: – Even if you ate something unhealthy at a party, don’t keep pondering over it all throughout the day. As a result, you may end up revising your resolution by thinking, “I will eat healthy food from next Monday”. This kind of thinking results in failed resolutions as one tries to continuously prolong the healthy habits for a longer period of time. In the case of any slip up, being guilty does not fetch anything. It will only result in wasting your time. You can immediately move to some better and healthier habits immediately without any regret.

Not getting the required support: – This is one of the many resolutions with which people tend to struggle. Therefore, it is very necessary to actually analyze the type of resources and support. Personal training sessions can prove to be extremely valuable as you get to learn a sense of responsibility towards yourself. It‘s therefore time to ditch the diets and invest in diet counselling in order to get a good change.

According to the studies conducted in neuroscience and psychology, the task of weight loss is indeed an inseparable challenge for many people. People are encouraged to modify their diets and exercise in order to lose the excess weight. Losing all the excessive weight is not an easy task; but with the right motivation, one can work towards this goal as well.

Today’s article is written by Kelly Rogers. She is a fitness trainer and a health consultant who likes blogging in her free time. She shares simple tricks on how to lose belly fat and attain a healthy body through her articles.