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For over 10 years, BSN has broken down barriers when it comes to innovation in the sports nutrition industry. This industry leader is dedicated to producing high quality products, which are composed of cutting-edge science not seen anywhere else. Their nutritional supplements in particular are designed to push past limits set by other companies, so that their customers have the chance to take their athletic performance to a whole new level.

This performance oriented thinking is why we have the BSN True Mass supplement. The premium muscle mass gainer has been created with muscle growth and muscle recovery in mind, and the result is a lean weight gainer that utilizes 6 high quality protein sources. Now that I have gotten you interested in this supplement, we will review it further below.

Who is made for?
The BSN True Mass is a lean mass gainer that is made for individuals who train hard, as well as individuals who have fast metabolisms. This pure mass gainer has been engineered to support the process of building muscle size and strength, in addition to speeding up muscle recovery.

Features of the BSN True Mass

BSN True Mass is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put True Mass is a one of the best in our protein powder List.

Premium Protein and Carbohydrate Mixture

The BSN True Mass has been created to help you pack on muscle, and the muscle mass gainer achieves this through a nutrient rich formula. This formula perfectly blends protein sources and carbohydrate sources, so that you can add lean muscle while lowering your fat levels.

There is a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, which works perfectly to fuel you workouts and build your muscles. This combination also ensures that muscle growth and recovery is supported, which is a big benefit for athletes.

Apart from protein and carbs, the formula also contains dietary fiber and MCTs which give the mass gainer increased nutritional value. The mass gainer is best used post workout, before bed, or between meals, as this is when you will reap the most benefits.

Muscle Gaining Benefits

Because this is a muscle gainer, you should expect muscle gaining benefits. As we mentioned earlier, the BSN True Mass uses a premium protein and carbs formula, which provides you with the protein sources that you require to build muscles. The carbs work to deliver the caloric support required when taking part in intense workouts, in addition to ensuring that your muscle recovery time is fast.

The healthy fats in the True Mass also give you the fuel needed to meet your energy demands, and all of this comes in a delicious shake.

BSN True Mass vs BSN Protein Powders

As you might already know, BSN produces protein powders. So why would you get the BSN True Mass instead of a protein powder? Well, protein powders have small amounts of carbs and fats, and work well as a post workout supplement. True Mass on the other hand has a 2:1 carbs to protein ratio, and this makes it perfect for athletes who are looking to increase their caloric intake. True Mass is therefore a more versatile option.


The BSN True Mass is a delicious supplement that can be taken together with other BSN products for maximum performance benefits.

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