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When people are buying nutritional supplements, they often focus on the workout itself. But what happens when you are done with the workout? Don’t you realize that the post workout is crucial to your overall muscle performance? Let me explain this a little further.

When you workout you break your muscles down- hence the pain. The whole aim of working out is to ensure that when your muscles begin repairing and rebuilding, they end up faster, bigger, and stronger than before.

Therefore, the muscle recovery process becomes essential to the results that you will attain at the end of the day. The period after you workout is known as the ‘window of opportunity’, and if you take advantage of this period you can enhance your recovery rate and improve your results.

The best way to take full advantage of your post-workout period is through proper nutrition and proper protein supplements. After all, studies have proven that taking the proper nutrition in the first hour after your workout can result in an up to 100% increase in your body’s recovery rate.

That is why below we will review the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, in order to establish if this is a supplement that you should invest in.

Who is made for?

The P90X Results and Recovery Formula has been made for all individuals looking for a quick recovery time, after completing an intense workout.

Features of the P90x Results And Recovery Formula

P90X Results and Recovery Formula is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put P90X is a one of the best in our protein formula List.

Great Taste

No one wants a post-workout supplement that tastes bad. Luckily for you, the P90X beautifully blends a range of ingredients, so that you can have a great tasting cocktail. This formula is delicious, and best of all it has great recovery benefits. The smooth orange formula will help you bounce back from the most intense workouts in no time at all.

High Quality Composition

The composition of the P90X is exceptionally high in quality, ensuring that you get value for your money. Firstly, this dextrose-based formula is composed of both simplex and complex carbs. These carbs lead to a spike in your insulin levels, so that all glycogen that was depleted during your workouts can be restored.

Next we have a high Protein Efficiency Ratio, made up of a blend of whey protein and other fast digesting proteins. These proteins stimulate the rate of protein synthesis, so that muscle repairs can be rapid.
Lastly, this high quality supplement has vitamins such as antioxidants, which support muscle repair and muscle growth while reducing muscle soreness.

After Workout Drink

As I mentioned earlier, the P90X Results and Recovery Formula should be taken immediately after you have completed your workout. This is because the nutrients in your muscles are depleted during this window, and are looking to be re-supplied.

That is why the formula contains the carbs and proteins that you need to increase your recovery rate after your intense workout.


During the post-workout stage you will need carbs and proteins, but consuming these proteins in any form will have no great effect. E.g. eating a burger after your workout won’t support recovery, even though the burger has proteins and carbs.

You therefore need the perfect blend of these two nutrients, and the perfect blend is a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio. This ratio is what is provided by the P90X formula, for the most efficient muscle recovery results.

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