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The other day, I was sat at home with the family having a general discussion. After a while, we ended up getting on the topic of legends. This was spurred off by seeing a TV advert which featured some of the athletes from last years olympic games. People such as Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and more. We then got onto the question ‘Are legends born, or made?’ which sparked an interesting conversation. I thought this would make an interesting topic for our blog, so I set off doing a little bit of research!

Whilst looking through the internet, I came across something called ‘Voyage’ which is run by the drinks brand Heineken. It is part of a global campaign which is linked to their ‘Legends’ platform and I stumbled across it by chance.. It basically involves taking someone who is outgoing, sociable, confident etc, then taking them out of their comfort zone by putting them into a situation they have never done before. The examples flying around the internet at the moment give an example of someone being ‘dropped’ into the freezing wilderness of Alaska, with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get you home. They’ll then drop you somewhere hundreds of miles away from the airport. It definitely does make for some brilliant viewing!

The ‘candidates’ will have no idea where they’re going prior to the launch of the campaign. They’ll be provided only very basis supplies and directions and it will be down to their will power, strength and determination to see them through it. You can view a bit more about the campaign via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel and follow each of the candidates voyages and even get involved with the casting section.

The whole aim of the campaign is to tailor the ‘adventure’ (if you’d call it that?) to each individual candidate. It will be something that completely drops them out of their comfort zone, it completely unscripted and will require them to succeed and possibly become ‘legends’ ? Hopefully each of the candidates will make it home, but it really does make for some fantastic viewing so we had to post it!


Vince Delmonte is considered an exercise guru when it comes to building muscle to enhance the physique. For any puny man or woman, Delmonte has the plan to pack on the muscles to get that ideal image. Taking it from first hand experience, his own transformation from the skinny guy to Mr. Major Buffed, is a testimonial that his program works and will get the job done. His program is known as No Nonsense Muscle Building and the successful results of many participants, including Delmonte, speak for themselves.

Delmonte’s plan is perfect for the person who wants to build muscle mass minus the hassles. Vince doesn’t believe in using dangerous, artificial drugs or pricey supplements to build up the body. There won’t be any steroids used in the No Nonsense Muscle Building plan. A person doesn’t need to live in the gym either. Follow his valuable tips and find the way to a more muscular, healthier body.

The beauty of following Vince’s plan is knowing that the guy has been there himself. Coming up through high school and college, he was one of those skinny guys who couldn’t gain any weight or get more muscle mass, no matter how hard he tried. Everyone could pick him out in the crowd while he stood with his friends that were already massive in the muscle department. Nicknamed Skinny Vinnie, he tried every trick in the book to gain weight and muscle, only to hover at the low weight of 140 to 150 pounds. He was a runner and maintained the lean body of a runner, but he wanted more.

After college, Vince met a mentor who advised him on smart techniques to gain muscle. Delmonte took it to heart. He started eating differently and training differently. The muscles started adding up and his body began to fill out. He’s taken the lessons he’s learned to form a plan that will work for anyone. His program will help people to get results in as little as two weeks. It involves a life-style change with eating well as a major component. Instead of having three, typical meals a day, its recommended to eat as many as seven meals a day in the right portions with the proper blend of nutrition to enhance muscle mass. Food choices should consist of what comes from nature and lean proteins. The processed foods need to be thrown out. The type of training and number of reps is important as well to optimize each workout. The key to Vince Delmonte’s workout regimen is the intensity of each workout, getting the most potential out of the exercises, rather than the length of the workout. Vince teaches people to work smarter and harder, packing a powerful punch with the right kind of exercise to get the best outcome. Following Vince’s program means ignoring the clock or the competition to focus on following a routine that works. It’s going to be one of the hardest workouts of a lifetime, pushing during each session until the muscles don’t want to work any longer and exhaustion sets in. Vince Delmonte actually recommends pushing it to the limit, to the point of muscle failure. When the body can’t do any more that day, then a person has done enough. It’s tough, but Delmonte gets results!

Boot camp is a six week program featuring a variety of exercises using ply metrics, agility drills and running. It is an ideal way for workout enthusiasts to learn exercise in a totally different way and have fun while teaching them team-work and camaraderie. Fitness camp offers more of an outside-the-box type of experience that the exercisers are not accustomed to. These fitness camp exercises are not normal routine workout .Fitness camp has broaden the horizon of doing exercises and showed that there are different ways to work out besides attending fitness classes or using weightlifting machines.

The program features fitness classes thrown in the mix just to show what the fitness facility has to offer, but maximum exercises are performed outside. A wide variety of exercises are included in the fitness program which are totally different from just traditional workouts. The fitness co-coordinator teaches different workout each day like taking the participants to different places on post to run the trails. The exercisers can also participate in different sports such as soccer, kickball and dodge ball according to their choice and stamina. So this unique fitness Boot camp program provides a new platform to the workout enthusiasts to perform exercise in a totally different way and get in shape. The programs can get very intense but the exercisers can perform according to their energy and stamina level. The instructors are always there to guide the participants and make the fitness program full of fun and excitement. The instructors of the fitness camp program are all either personal trainers that train at the fitness facility, fitness instructors or volunteers. There are different people on different levels of fitness that perform in the camp and the instructors are there to cater to people’s individual levels of fitness and keep them motivated.

If have decided to be a part of this unique fitness program then you have to devote some time for a complete session. If you are not able to take that much time away from home then another option might be to hire a personal trainer who can give you the same nutritional information and workouts but on a one-on-one basis at your own pace and in your own time. This can be a better option for the beginners who are suffering from obesity and struggling even doing the beginning activities at the camp.

Whatever you decide, you will never regret joining this fitness program. Exercise helps your metabolism, helps you lose weight, and releases hormones into your body that makes you feel great. Being fit is something that will always benefit you

But one thing is very much important is that enjoy during the fitness training. Exercise can be tiring to some degree, and it should hurt a little but always make it enjoyable in some sense of the word. Some of that enjoyment will be the time spent with others who have similar goals to your own.

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