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USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel is a lean Muscle builder, designed to promote quick muscle growth to deliver strength and power in high intensity workouts. Formulated with a number of bioactive ingredients, this is a versatile anabolic shake to fuel mass, incorporating a vitamin and mineral blend which increases the amount of efficient oxygen transported, protects cells from damage by oxygen, increases metabolic effectiveness and storage of glycogen. USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel has quickly risen to become the UK’s most popular all-in-one weight gainer. It is one of the most effective products on the market, and for good reason.

USN Anabolic Muscle fuel contains 50g servings of Anabolic High Protein Matrix, contributing to the building and maintenance of muscle and engineered to promote optimal muscle function. When taken as directed, the shake will reduce fatigue as well as support a healthy immune system and a good protein metabolism. This matrix will allow you to focus on extreme muscle growth and increased power, with the knowledge that your muscles will recover well and quickly and the assurance that you are getting all the nutrients required from a perfectly engineered meal replacement shake. A perfectly balanced all-in-one shake, USN Anabolic fuel mass will leave you with the peace of mind that you won’t need anything else to support rapid muscle gain.

USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel contains high quality ingredients to aid the highest quality muscle gain. Each serving (3 scoops/150g) contains:

  • 50g anabolic protein matrix
  • 14,300g HyperBolic stack – Optimises muscle growth
  • 5,000mg Glycene – Releases Growth Hormone
  • 1,00mg Taurine – Maximises energy production and nutrient/amino acid uptake
  • 7,000mg Creatine stack –Promotes muscle growth, volumisation and power
  • High level of BCAA’s and Glutamine – Aids muscle growth and Nitrogen retention
  • Lacatazyme blend (Lactose enzymes) – Optimises milk breakdown and absorbtion

USN Anabolic Fuel Mass is a balanced meal replacement, with 50g protein, 78g carbohydrates and 2g fat, with 538 calories to keep you active without bulking up on food.

The huge 50g protein serving is perfect for muscle building, and is a matrix of micellar casein, calium caseinate, and whey protein, milk protein and soy isolates. Isolates are undoubtedly a prime ingredient, but it is best to balance them out in a matrix, which USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel delivers well.

78g of carbohydrates may seem high, even for mass gain formula. But these aren’t empty carbs like those that can be found in cheaper powders – they are carefully designed to deliver only the most essential carbs for lean muscle growth and optimal glycogen storage.

So it contains everything you’ll need, which means you’ll want to drink it. But will you still want to once you taste it.

USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel comes in three flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Reviews on the taste have all been positive, and its popularity has grown to the point that it is widely available on the high street (albeit at inflated prices) – in small part due to its great taste. It’s a shake that you can look forward to rather than endure, helping you stick to your carefully planned diet and giving you no more than you need to optimise muscle gain.

It’s easy to mix, too. Only needing a few seconds of shaking, before a rest and a second shake, USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel is one of the easiest shakes to mix, so there is no hassle when it comes to your post-workout meal replacement.  It blends easily and thoroughly, leaving no lumps or gritty bits and results in a smooth, creamy pleasant drink to look forward to

USN Anabolic will fuel mass with excellent value for money. If you avoid the inflated prices on the high street and buy online from sports nutrition retailers, you can start gaining muscle mass quickly without losing pounds from your wallet. Buying the separate supplements contained in USN Muscle Fuel would cost over £100. A 4kg tub is recommended to retail at £81.99, and contains just over 26 servings, but it can be found for under £60, saving you your hard earned cash while you bulk up. With a balanced and varied diet, a tub of USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel could last over a month. With the quality of the ingredients, and the results-based renown of the product, USN Anabolic Muscle Fuel is well worth investing in. With the right diet and training regimen, this product will help deliver impressive results at a low cost.