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Gynecomastia occurs when the tissue within male breasts becomes enlarged, giving them a feminine appearance. The amount of enlargement varies, but the chances of developing the condition increases if one uses human growth hormones. Due to this, it is more common in bodybuilders than in other groups. In terms of treatment, it can only be removed surgically, as the condition is a hormonal one. Here is more information about gynecomastia surgery for body builders.Before the surgical procedure can be done, a surgeon must first assess if a man qualifies for the surgery. This can all be determined by conducting a consultation. For instance, men who are overweight or obese are not ideal candidates. Individuals who are healthy and in shape are more likely to recover properly and quickly without complications. Also, having firm elastic-like skin that can be reshaped with stabilized breast tissue is needed. Other requirements to consider are whether or not a patient can be given general anesthesia.

The procedure involves ultrasonic liposuction (mastectomy). This is why general anesthesia is usually used (although not all offices recommend it for some patients). By putting the patient to sleep, they will not feel the discomfort of the procedure. The excess breast tissue is removed in order to give the chest a smaller and more male-like appearance. It is categorized as a localized procedure because it focuses on one targeted area specifically. The incision is placed near the areola, which is where the liposuction will take place. Depending on how much liposuction is performed, additional procedures, such as the removal of excess skin might also be performed (this procedure always requires general anesthesia).After the procedure, the patient may need to stay in the clinic for additional time to be observed. Things that will be monitored are pain, bruising, the amount of swelling, and any other discomfort. Generally, patients are able to return to their normal activities within three days.If the procedure is done properly, the rate of surgical compilations is low. However, if complications do occur, they are typically confined to infection of the surgical wound areas, asymmetry of the breasts, a change in the sensation within the breast tissue, and scarring. These things are discussed in the pre-consultation so patients know everything needed about the procedure in order to weigh the pros and cons beforehand.

Although there are no long-term complications with gynecomastia (such as pain), many men feel embarrassed to have this condition because it affects their appearance. Having a surgical procedure to reduce the breast tissue is the only means of treatment. There are many plastic surgeons that offer this procedure.

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Bodybuilding is very similar to sculpting marble or working on a stone statue. It involves two distinct steps for the best results. One is the buildup of muscle, in which the bodybuilder lifts and eats as much as they can in order to buildup as much muscle as possible. The second step is cutting. This is where the bodybuilder tries to drastically reduce body fat in order to make those muscles stand out against the skeletal structure. This cutting cycle takes place before competition with the goal of maximizing the muscle to fat ratio by the time the bodybuilder gets on stage. There are many different effective cutting diets that have been used over time. Here are a few of them.Eat Stop Eat

This cutting plan is currently one of the most popular and fast working fat loss diets out there. The program involves short periods of fasting in order to induce fat burning in the body. Most people associate fasting with a shutdown of the metabolism, but this simply isn’t the case with theEat Stop Eat cutting diet. The advantage of this plan comes from not having to micromanage every activity to get results. By following some simple rules, you’ll lose a lot of fat without being lethargic or excessively hungry.

Low Carbohydrates

Modern science has shown us that it’s not dietary fat that is the primary culprit of fat buildup in the body, but carbohydrates. Eating low carb during the cutting cycle involves an increased intake in dietary fat and protein. Lean meats, oils, dairy, fish and protein shakes are all great choices during the cutting cycle. A lack of easy to process carbohydrates will cause your body to go to your fat stores for energy. Low carb diets have been very popular with the general public for more than a decade, and they remain a great option for bodybuilders looking to cut.

The Perfect Foods

There are some foods that are just better for cutting than others. Bodybuilders have identified lots of different nutrients in food that benefit fat loss and make muscles bigger and more healthy. For example, sesame seed oil contain sesamin, a compound that increases fat oxidization and decreases fat storage, helping your muscles look more pronounced and powerful. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that help increase fat loss by stabilizing insulin levels in the blood stream. Green tea is known to be thermogenic, assisting in fat loss. It’s also known to contain many anti-oxidants that are positive for health and weight loss in general.

Macro Nutrient Balance

If you ask a bunch of bodybuilders what the perfect macro nutrient balance for a cutting cycle is, you might get as many different answers as there are bodybuilders. This is because different strategies work for different people. Some builders will recommend a high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate mix while others might tell you to keep all of the macro nutrients in a somewhat equal balance. Most people will recommend that you eat plenty of protein in order to keep your muscles satiated. There’s nothing worse than starving your muscles when you’re trying to make them look their best.

Diet and exercise will help you trim down and reduce your body fat percentage. However, if you add some fat-burning supplements to your regime, then you may be able to reach your goals faster. Below are some of the weight loss supplements that should be a part of your regime:


Xenadrine is a weight loss supplement that contains caffeine anhydrous, white willow bark extract, l-carnitine and numerous other ingredients that help burn fat. Not only does this product contain a number of fat-burning ingredients, but it also contains 12 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and seven percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium.

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