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Hey. It’s 2013 and if you’re planning to make a change, now is about the right time. If getting fit is your concern, there are many options that you can take – you can sign up for a gym membership or join a dance class. While either way works, there is a simple and costless solution to getting fit: doing push-ups. According to Maya Johnson who’s active in I Feel Good 24/7 gyms from Brisbane, push-ups must be done with the right posture, perfect balance as well as mental toughness.  That would result in a highly positive outcome.

While positioning yourself horizontally with your hands and feet flat on the floor is the typical way of doing pushups, there are other variations that you can opt to. To know what they are, continue reading.

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Wall Push-up

This is among the easiest ways to do push-ups simply because lesser strength is required. Just put both of your palms flatly adjacent to the wall. Keep your feet and wall as distant as possible. Begin the push-ups – lean forward with each elbow bent until your nose is with very close proximity toward the wall. Push-up to your previous position and reiterate for as many times as you can. To challenge yourself a bit, place your hands on a much lower surface just like your desk’s border. A lot of doctors do recommend this particular push-up due to its stress alleviating effects.

Incline Push-up

First of all, go get a park or weight bench. Put every hand on it with each foot on the floor. Begin the process by having your chest lowered down toward the bench. Push back up with care and repeat several times for a minute or two.

Pushing Up With Knees Down

This particular push-up style is ideal for beginners as it can lighten up some load by the knees. Also, it can stabilize the shoulder, thus, decreasing pain induced by the lower back area with great efficiency.

Traditional Push-up

This is the simplest and considerably one of the toughest ways to perform push-ups. First of all, be in a planking position. Make sure you keep your abs tight and your chest lowered toward the floor. If you can’t seem to figure out the most ideal position along with the apt movements in pushing up this way, that’s nothing new, really – many people are having as much of a hard time as you are. An easy way to go around that would be to get help from professional trainers.

Decline Push-up

The most important part of this certain push-up method would be to keep your feet elevated, which makes it a lot more challenging than other sorts of activities. Start with a low bench. Something that’s around 5 to 6 inches tall would work best.

Without a Limb
There’s no better way to heighten the echelon of complexity other than taking off a hand with push-ups. Sounds crazy, but yes, it is possible. Just remember to be extra carefully when doing this kind of push-up … or might as well get your body conditioned for it first. Fitness experts tell that it will put loads of stress by the disks that are found in the middle of your backbone. So, perfect the simpler methods first before you proceed to this – maximized the strength of both your arms until such time you can do it as good as Oliver Queen AKA Arrow does.

The Unstable Form

Another method in doing push-ups would be the unstable one. That basically means you can either utilize medicine balls, stability balls or even basketballs in performing the push-ups. This is proven effective when it comes to activating your muscles that will help for your shoulders’ stability.

So, that concludes the different methods and benefits of push-ups for today. Hope you find them well simply because you should. Booyah!