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Ingredient Quality



In a market full of protein powders, what makes the Warrior Blend stand out? The simple answer is synergy. Each of the ingredients in this protein powder is magnificent alone, however, when you combine them they work seamlessly together. The Warrior Blend formula therefore stands as a superior and high quality blend.

Unlike most protein powders on the market, the Warrior Blend is a raw and plant-based protein, which distances itself from the artificial additives that fill other protein powders. This blend offers all of its consumers a nutrient rich protein that will take their health and fitness to a whole new level. In order to determine whether Warrior Blend has kept its word, we will review it below.

Who is it made for?
Warrior Blend has been made for all individuals who are interested in health and wellness. This green product is not only for vegans, as it can suit the diets and lifestyles of a range of people.

Features of the Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein

Vegan Composition

As you can deduce from the name, the Warrior Blend contains a vegan composition. This blend boasts of 3 dominant raw protein sources, mainly organic pea, cranberry and hempseed. These 3 sources are fused together so that you can benefit from a smooth, tasty, and nutrient rich super food. The Warrior Blend is also easily digestable, making it perfect for all those who are interested in an extremely healthy lifestyle.

The fact that it is vegan free also means that those with allergens and special diets can benefit from it. More specifically, this protein is corn fee, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, egg free, milk free, fish free, peanut free, sugar free, shellfish free, whey free, yeast free, and tree nut free. This means those with gluten free, lactose free, kosher, organic, vegetarian, and vegan diets can use it.


The Warrior Blend is also popular because it is natural, meaning that it is free of GMOs, solvents, artificial flavors, radiation, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. This natural blend makes it easily digestable, so that your kidney and liver functions can be at optimum levels. The natural formula is unique and raw, and it provides you with all of the benefits of a high quality protein powder.

Protein Composition

The protein composition of the Warrior Blend is also respectable, as it contains 19g of protein per serving. This means that your pre or post workout serving will deliver great amounts of raw protein, so that you can reap maximum health benefits. This protein allows for muscle building and muscle repair, so that your performance and recovery can be at optimum levels.


Last but not least, the Warrior Blend is highly versatile. You can mix it, blend it, or shake it in your favorite beverage, and you also have the option of adding fresh fruit.

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