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When looking to increase your fitness, to hit certain training goals relating to speed, stamina or strength or even when looking to build a more toned and defined body it is essential that you ingest the correct nutrients in appropriate qualities in order to succeed.

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Prior to working out you need to be both focussed and motivated with both eyes on your target for the session, be this to lift a certain weight or beat your bleep test record. Focus is hard to achieve when you are starving hungry yet anyone who has ingested a full meal prior to working out will tell you that not only will it slow you down, it is likely to make you feel quite unwell. Many athletes struggle with finding the fuel they need to work out without relying merely on the nutrients from food however others have successfully used and would recommend nutritional supplements.

Supplements are entirely legal, safe, healthy and are often recommended by leading athletes and training coaches. When pushing the body to the maximum you need to have the energy to do so. A protein packed shake which gives you an initial pre-workout boost then continues to provide a sustained energy source is the ideal solution.

A quick shake prior to working out with fast absorbing whey protein will indeed give you the boost you need in a quick and convenient way which is ideal for snatched sessions before or after work. Protein shakes before a workout not only boost power and energy but will also aid you in terms of increasing your calorie intake which is an important requirement for men for example who when working out regularly are advised to intake approximately 4000 calories a day.

Pre-workout supplements also often contain a number of the essential amino acids that are key in terms of helping the body to recover from the muscle stress and strain that is inevitably caused during a fierce workout. While post-recovery shakes are often mainly focussed on recovery, pre-workout supplements contain similar ingredients so that the process of protecting from damage and recovery is constant and on-going.

There are a great number of supplements available which will enable athletes to increase the effectiveness of their training workout and when purchased from reputable retailers these quality supplements are designed to increase the health of the body in a number of ways. Most supplements actually contain the nutrients that the body is able to make itself however while these amounts are great for everyday life they simply aren’t enough for working out therefore need to be topped up.

If an athlete truly wishes to make his or her workout as effective as it could possibly be then using pre-workout shakes are the way to go. Low in sugar, low GI and great tasting these convenient nutritious packed drinks will give you what you need, when you need it and with the minimum of fuss.

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