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The goal of any aspiring bodybuilder and old pro alike it to get bigger while retaining a solid aesthetic throughout – and while there are a million and one different theories out there that preach the best method to getting huge while staying cut, the evidence points to the fact that bodybuilding supplements do have a place in our modern fitness world – especially creatine supplements.

One of the most misunderstood products of all time, there is a lot of junk out there that would easily confuse anyone about the reality of creatine and bodybuilding supplements in general. Hopefully this short article sheds some light on the subject.

If you’ve spent even a couple of hours in a gym – a real gym – you’ve no doubt seen or heard at least a couple of guys using bodybuilding supplements, and the most widely used of the bunch is creatine.

Just a quick couple of sets in a gym would put you into contact with real life people who are using performance enhancing substances – if not right in front of your eyes then you can get it’s going on in the locker room. And while most of the time you won’t come into contact with dudes loading up on testosterone in the gym shower, the fact of the matter is that any bodybuilding supplement that gives you an unnatural edge in anyway is performance enhancing.

Creatine supplements definitely fall under this umbrella, and are the most widely used (as well as misunderstood). Some people see them as a kind of synthetic testosterone, something that will bulk you up like The Hulk in just a matter of hours while others see it as nothing more than packing on some water weight and “puffing you up”. Like most things with extreme views on each end of the spectrum, the truth lies somewhere in between.

The straight dope about creatine supplements often gets clouded due to confusion about what these products really do – here’s the truth about whether or not creatine supplements can actually help you grow

First off, creatine supplements are incredible effective for gaining size – that goes without saying. With a proper loading phase (that can sometimes be skipped, but is recommended for first timers), you can expect some pretty dramatic results. Unfortunately for those that believe it will turn you into Arnold, it’s not a lesser version of testosterone – creatine supplements merely work to shuttle nutrients to your muscles with incredible speed and give you the kind of pump you’ve been looking for. Promoting quick repair by making the building blocks instantly available in large supply, this is what makes creatine supplements work so well.