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Does this sound familiar to you? You take stack upon stack and push it hard in down the gym but the gains don’t materialise like you had expected. The belly may still be there, you may of already gained some muscle but seem to have hit a plateau with noting more happening no matter what you take or how hard you train.

So which way do you turn?

If that sounds like you, then you are not alone at all. There are amateurs and seasoned professional bodybuilders who relentlessly train and seem to get nowhere fast. This can be a disheartening and is usually the catalyst for many to give up.

You are not one of those quitters – the simple fact that you are here exploring the way to smash through that ceiling in your personal limitations, the simple truth is this issue is usually down to one factor a lack of free serum testosterone. A study has shown that an increase in serum testosterone in relation to the placebo…

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