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Diet and exercise will help you trim down and reduce your body fat percentage. However, if you add some fat-burning supplements to your regime, then you may be able to reach your goals faster. Below are some of the weight loss supplements that should be a part of your regime:


Xenadrine is a weight loss supplement that contains caffeine anhydrous, white willow bark extract, l-carnitine and numerous other ingredients that help burn fat. Not only does this product contain a number of fat-burning ingredients, but it also contains 12 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and seven percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium.

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In order to build up strong and powerful muscles you will need to consume large amounts of protein. Protein is essential for strengthening and repairing muscles after an intense workout session and it can help you to maintain energy so that you will be able to build stronger muscles over time. There are plenty of ways to add more protein to your diet plan however if you are on a strict vegetarian diet, your protein options are greatly limited.

In order to build stronger muscles and maintain your muscle gain you should consume at least a gram of protein for every pound of body weight that you have each day. Therefore if you currently weight 200 lbs then you will need to take in at least 200 grams of protein each day. The easiest way to reach this goal on a daily basis is to add foods that are high in protein to each and every meal as well as eat snacks in between meals that are protein rich. For individuals who do not consume meat on a daily basis, finding high protein food choices may sometimes be difficult, but there are plenty of vegetarian friendly protein rich foods out there that can be helpful when it comes to building strong muscle mass.

Even with limited options, it is still very possible to build strong muscles while on a vegetarian diet. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and should always be present in a healthy vegetarian diet plan. There are plenty of ways to to prepare eggs and you do not have to limit your egg entrees to breakfast, many lunch and dinner dishes may be prepared using eggs and you can enjoy this high protein food scrambled boiled, fried or poached. Egg omelets filled with fresh vegetables and cheese are a great meal option that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Some other high protein food choices that you can add to your diet plan that will help you in your efforts to build stronger and larger muscles include tofu, soy beans and meat substitutes. Some ideal protein snack choices that you may be interested in trying include whey protein shakes which are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that your body will require while in training, and a variety of fresh nuts such as walnuts and almonds which are excellent natural sources of protein and fat. Walnuts and almonds are also low in carbohydrates so they are a healthier choice for those who are keeping track of their carb intake.

Many vegetarians and vegans will oftentimes struggle with the amount of body fat that they have since their diets are so high in carbohydrates. In order to lose weight and improve muscle strength, it is important that you remain active by taking part in a regular exercise routine on a daily basis. This along with a healthy diet plan will help you to build stronger muscles and eliminate excess fat from your body. If you are interested in building muscles then you probably already have a workout routine in mind. It is imperative that you stick to your regular workout plan in order to build and maintain muscle growth and strength. One of the best ways to ensure that you will stick to your exercise routine would be to join a local gym or encourage a friend to train with you so that you can both start taking part in a healthier lifestyle together.

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If anyone asked you what bodybuilding is, you would probably tell them the name of the first bodybuilder that pops into your head. All of the old world would tell Eugen Sandow while the youth of today would say Arnold Schwarzenegger. Indeed the story of bodybuilding is not complete without the likes of Eugen Sandow the ‘father of modern bodybuilding’ or that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the American movie superstar.

A look into the annals of story of bodybuilding
The story of bodybuilding first began when the Italian wrestler Milo from Croton, Italy (6th century BC) demonstrated enormous power such as single handedly carrying a bull. It is no wonder then that he won half a dozen Olympic titles.

India entered the story in the 11 century AD mainly because it used ‘nal‘ a weight-training device that gave the Indian bodybuilders an almost perfect body shape. History also has it that those in Greece used ‘halteres‘ for the same purpose.

Exercising and diet supplements for bodybuilding
So, what are the exercises and what is so special about the diet? If you know what the bodybuilding routines are then you would know that development of the muscles are done only by feeding the body with the food supplements meant for that purpose. Creatine and proteins are used extensively for repairing torn muscles and building new ones. Carbohydrate boosters in the form of fruits and juices are taken just before the exercise regimen in order to give a burst of energy. The bodybuilders exercise regimen is designed to build particular sets of muscles, one at a time.

First bodybuilding contest In the beginning of the 18th century bodybuilding was almost unknown. Strongmen would travel all over the land to showcase their strength. However,story of bodybuilding was to see the emergence of the Newton’s apple of bodybuilding, Eugene Sandow. He was not as strong as his physique was perfectly sculpted. It was not that he was strong that made him much admired; it was his physique that was perfectly sculpted that endeared him with the crowd. He was the person to conduct first contest for bodybuilding where he was a judge.

The first worldwide contest in bodybuilding to ever take place was the Mr. America contest. It began in 1939 and was launched by Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). A decade later Ben Weider together with his brother Joe formed the alternate AAU championship named Mr.America IFBB. These brothers were the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of their days. They organized this competition till 1977 when the National Championship Physique organized things. To date they are conducting the contest as the popular Bodybuilding Championship National NPC.

Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe are competitions in the same mold. The trophy used for every Mr. Olympia contest is a sculpted figure of Eugen Sandow; it is named ‘the Sandow’. It is an annual contest and the blue ribbon event of this sport. It is a follow through event for pro-bodybuilders share in glory and fame after they have finished with Mr. Universe. Mr. Universe is the topmost championship that originally began as one for amateurs only in 1948. It was later in 1952 NABBA (Amateur National Bodybuilding Association) then opened the doors for professionals also in 1952.

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