Started Working a Security Job – Bodybuilding Supplement Blog

Normally I would not be all that worried about running into trouble, but this security job I have is a bit more dangerous than I would have thought. The place is a high security warehouse, which means that the stuff in it is well worth the effort to steal. Of course that would be if you could get away with it, which would be pretty difficult. I already found a kevlar vest for sale after I realized that I could write that off of my taxes, it is a legitimate expense and a lot cheaper than a funeral as well. This one costs around three hundred and fifty dollars and I got the model that you conceal under your clothes. I have not really gotten used to it just yet, but obviously it is going to be one of those things where you start out not being comfortable wearing it, then one day you start to feel naked when it is not on under your shirt.

I have not really decided if I want to pay for the ceramic plate just yet. That costs a bit more and it would be extremely handy if someone happened to hit it with a high caliber bullet. The kevlar itself is going to stop most pistol rounds, but that is not something you could count on and in this case you would sort of be betting your life on it. However if someone has a very powerful handgun or an assault rifle, or for that matter just an ordinary hunting rifle. Then you have to have one of those plates and it really only protects what would be called your center mass I suppose. Of course that is the part where a guy with a rifle would aim and also where you have the most vital stuff.