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Self-consciousness is a not-so- good feeling about oneself that he is being observed, and this feeling is natural for many people at the gym. Self-consciousness can make it a little tough for you to get into a regular habit of working out in the Gym. If it is a long time since you last exercised, or are not very happy with the size of your figure, it is likely that you may feel anxious at the gymnasium. It is not unnatural that many people, especially women feel nervous in the fitness centres. They feel that people are looking or staring at them. They panic at the idea of working out in front of other people as they think they are being compared, or don’t like to be seen sweating and blushed by others. Some women do not like to exercise in front of men.

  • Why is it important not to be self-consciousness at thegymnasium?

It is known to us that we need to be active. Physical exercise leads to stronger muscles and bones, improved sleep, reduced stress and a toned and good physique. A gym is a perfect place that lets you do the same. But if you have a deleterious image of yourself – it will affect your workout schedule and will restrict your effort and endeavour to stay fit and active. As such, it is necessary for you to overcome the habit of being self-conscious at the Gym.

Tips to cope with Self-consciousness at the gym:

  • You can plan out a training schedule with a gym instructor. He will be the right person to guide you with your workout and will encourage you to be fit. He can help you to understand, what equipment you need to use in at the gym to keep you in form. He will also provide you with the latest information in fitness trends. This will help you to be more confident and outgoing with your fitness plans. If, hiring an instructor is a little too much for your limited budget, you can take instant loans like payday loans to aid you with your expense.

  • You need to establish targets to encourage yourself. Decide a target every week and endeavour to achieve the goal. It will build in more self-confidence and will inspire you to do even better. Set targets that are achievable. Try ideas like running an extra mile in a limited time or losing weight (if you are overweight) by one or two pounds and so on. Also make efforts to measure the results every week. Improvements will motivate you to do even better.

  • If you are uneasy working out alone, you can join group fitness training. You can join some group activities like Jumba dancing, Salsa training, cycling and Kickboxing and so on. As the whole group performs the same activity and does the same workout, there will be no one to look at you. You will also have an instructor to lead you. This will help you to shed weight and flabs, and also build more confidence in you.

Alternately, you can take a friend along, if you are not comfortable working out alone. It will relieve you from the feeling that you don’t know anybody and make you feel good.

  • Good music can go a long away in helping with your workout schedule. Plug the ear plugs of your IPod or phone into your ears and detach yourself away from what’s happening around you- who is looking or speculating about you. Listen to your favourite numbers and keep working out. You will forget about your self-consciousness.

Along with your regular gym regime, try exercising at home like push ups, crunches and so on. Your self- consciousness might tell you to stop going to the gym altogether, but do not give up. After all, the one who keeps trying succeeds.

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