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Muscle builders across the globe have either learned the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements, or have turned a blind eye to the success that these supplements bring. The increase in workout effectiveness with the addition of these products is incredible. Plateaus can be left behind, along with flab and previous weight limits. Many amateur muscle builders scoff at those who use pre-workout supplements, but nobody who begins using them will ever go back.

If you were to ask an experienced muscle builder for some key muscle building tips, one of them would doubtlessly be to use a good pre-workout product. This particular writer was among the skeptical for a while, thinking that it was all hype and that the results gained from these products would be only temporary. But finally convinced by my brother to give it just one try, I have never has turned back.

I want to take some time to talk about one particular supplement that I have found to work. Betancourt Nutrition makes an intense pre-workout product called Bullnox Andorush that utilizes common supplement formulas along with its own special addition: testosterone enhancers.

Now the first thing that comes to many people’s mind with a testosterone enhancing product is, “Will this cause women to experience hormone imbalances or to develop manly characteristics?” The answer is simply “no.” What increased testosterone does do is increase your focus, allowing you to push harder than ever before. It also gives a rush of energy that gets you pumped to get to the gym. Your reps will increase along with your lifting weight.

Ten to fifteen minutes after taking Bullnox Androrush, the effects begin to be felt. An increase in energy makes you want to get pumping, even if you had no motivation twenty minutes ago. Many people also feel a tingling spreading through their bodies. For me, it usually starts around my neck and spreads, confirming that it really is working.

The testosterone increase allows your body to recover much more rapidly, giving you increased endurance. You can work out harder for a longer period of time, tearing down your muscles even more. Coupled with a good post-workout protein, this guarantees huge results. I was astounded at the progress I saw in just one or two weeks when I began using pre and post workout supplements in my routine. To conclude, if I could give beginners some basic muscle building tips that have worked for me: use a good pre-workout supplement and a good protein.

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