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The researchers at Muscletech are known for their extreme passion for their supplements. And this is quite apparent in the research and testing that these supplements go through, in order to rate them as the most advanced and effective options on the market. At Muscletech, science and research go hand in hand in order to produce the highest quality protein supplements possible. So what does this mean for you as the consumer?

Well, it means that you can benefit from maximum weight loss, muscle building, muscle strength, and athletic performance. And this sounds perfect to me.

The Muscletech Platinum Whey is just one powerful example of supplements that this award winning brand produces. This superior protein formula uses the purest whey protein form available, so that mixability and taste can be unrivaled. Below we will look deeper into this supplement, so that we can determine how effective it is.

Who is it made for?

The Muscletech Platinum Whey has been billed as the most powerful supplement on earth. This supplement is therefore made for those looking for maximum strength and mass gains.

Features of the Muscletech Platinum Whey

Muscletech Platinum Whey is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Platinum Whey is a one of the best in our Whey protein List.

Ground Breaking Study

The whey protein isolate found in the Platinum Whey is exceptionally pure. Just add this powder to your glass or shaker cup and see how it instantly mixes. It is therefore no surprise that the protein powder produces such amazing gains. In a recent clinical study, the key ingredient of the Platinum whey powder was shown to help subjects add 14lbs to their bench press, and build 5.1lbs of lean muscle.

Whey Composition

As I have already mentioned, the Platinum Whey powder has a pure whey protein composition. The casein protein in this powder has high doses of glutamine, BCAAs, and essential amino acids. Let’s dig a little bit deeper.

There is a 4g dose of glutamine, a 5.2g dose of BCAAs, and a 10g dose of essential amino acids in each scoop. These protein sources are virtually unrivaled in other protein powders, making the Platinum Whey much more effective than its competitors.

Protein Fractions

In a continuation from the point above, the whey protein isolate provides your body with superior protein fractions. This formula has been designed to hold onto protein sources that offer more muscle building potential, and we will look at some of these sources below.

Firstly, we have beta-lactoglobulin, which is an important amino acid that stimulates mineral and vitamin absorption, in addition to helping with muscle recovery post workout.

Secondly, we have immunoglobulins, which aid in muscle recovery especially after an intense training session. We also have glycomacropeptide, which plays a big role in muscle growth and metabolism.

Lactoperoxidase helps in the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide, which is an important chemical reaction in our body. There are several other essential and BCAA sources in Muscletech Platinum Whey, and each works to support your muscle growth and muscle recovery process.

Micro Filtered

The Platinum Whey is also known for its filtration process. The whey protein isolates and peptides are pure micro filtered protein sources, which is why the powder is so efficient. Muscletech achieves this by using an extremely pure cold-processes micro-filtration process, through which lactose, fat and ash are precisely removed.

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