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Fitness routine includes basic fitness activity, strength training, core exercises and balance training.

Basic Exercises

Aerobic exercise, an endurance activity, is the base of most fitness training programs. Aerobic exercise enhances breathing deeply and fast, which maximizes oxygen intake into blood circulation. The better the aerobic fitness is, the more efficient are the heart, lungs and blood vessels in transporting oxygen throughout the body.  With aerobic exercise, it is easier to complete routine tasks and meet unexpected challenges, like running to a shelter in a heavy rain.

These exercises include walking, biking, swimming, jogging, dancing, and water aerobics.  Also included are leaf raking, vacuuming, and snow shoveling.  Moderate aerobic activity can be for two hours and thirty minutes a week. Vigorous aerobic activity is preferably for one hour and fifteen minutes a week.

Strength Training

Muscular fitness is another key element of a fitness training program. Strength training at least twice a week can help increase bone strength and muscular fitness. It can also help maintain muscle mass during a weight-loss program. Most fitness centers offer various resistance machines, free weights and other tools for strength training. Most gyms in London like the Chiswick gym have these facilities to offer. 

To reap the benefits of strength training, hand-held weights or homemade weights like plastic soft drink bottles filled with water or sand may be an alternative.  Push-ups, leg squats, and abdominal crunches are other forms of strength training.

Core Exercises

Core exercises help train muscles to brace the spine and enable the use of the upper and lower body muscles more effectively. Older adults should include exercises that improve or maintain balance. This is necessary because balance is likely to deteriorate with age, leading to falls and fractures. Standing on one leg for increasing range of time improves overall stability. Activities like tai chi can also promote balance.

Fitness training can increase energy levels and the amount of endorphins or pain relievers being produced by the body. When there is exercise, the heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body. Over time the strength of the heart will increase and it will be able to pump more blood and provide more energy to the body when needed. Caution must be exercised though in monitoring heart rates that exercise should not tire the heart and in instances where dizziness occurs, the exercise must be stopped.

Beyond fitness

Beyond fitness is happiness.  It is sheer joy to feel great and look healthy.  The feeling of confidence and achievement in going through training are obtained.  Fitness adds life.

Flexibility is a significant part of physical fitness as in dancing. Stretching exercises increase flexibility, and allow people to do activities more easily. Stretching promotes better posture and improves the range of motion of joints

Fitness training can also improve the overall appearance of the body. Even if one is targeting specific areas, improvements in other parts of the body can occur too..

Once regular exercise is in place, speed and agility follow. The body is becoming adept to the routine that doing physical activities is just a normal thing like an impulse, an instinct. It is almost automatic.