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Any serious muscle builder knows that protein supplements are a huge part of success in a workout routine. Though many people start off as skeptics when it comes to muscle building supplements, nearly nobody remains a skeptic after having use it themselves.

The results are monumental; especially of you get a hold of a good brand and can take it regularly. Personally, I worked out off and on for years in teenage life, but it wasn’t until I began taking protein regularly that I began to see some major results. It was these encouraging results that gave me the drive to finally stick to a regular program and hit the gym faithfully. And this faithful program coupled with some good whey protein only continued to transform my body.

Now any serious muscle builder who has been using whey protein supplements for a while also knows how old it can get after a while. Even after you switch between all the different varieties available, and there are a lot of really good tasting options, all of them begin to taste the same. The texture is the same, the consistency is the same, the taste is the same (it’s really not, it just seems like it after a while.) Nevertheless, our drive for a sculpted body (for me it’s to be ready for my wedding) drives us to continue consuming the muscle building supplements that our soul has comes to loath.

Thankfully there are options to change it up and give your taste buds a treat. One of my favorite options is to mix whey protein with a good fruit smoothie. I know I am not alone on this; many highly successful gym rats would agree with me. If you are ready for a change to your boring protein consumption, try this out for yourself. Fill your blender with your choice of fruit and berries and add some whey protein, blend, and enjoy. My favorite is to add a few handfuls of blueberries, a couple strawberries, a banana, and a few spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt.

Not only is this kind of smoothie a great change and absolutely delicious, but it is also great for your body. Nutrition experts consider blueberries and bananas to be super fruit; that makes this smoothie a super-smoothie. Whatever your choice of ingredients, there is no doubt that a fruit smoothie with whey protein will make a very welcome addition to your menu of muscle building supplements.

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