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Many would guess that a barrister, and mother of four, would close the work day and head to their second job; a role that requires even more careful negotiations. That second job begins, naturally, once she crosses the threshold and enters her own house. And that should be enough to drain the life from anyone. But for south Wales barrister and super-mom, Christina Chinnock, the first two titles just provide the foundation for her hobby, competitive bodybuilding.

Maybe calling it a “hobby” is a little presumptous and unfair. Especially since Chinnock just took home the top prize in the British Natural BodyBuilding Federation Welsh Championships. Calling the victory a “huge personal achievement”, this was also the first competition she had ever taken part in. In a sport where competitors train long and hard for many years, Chinnock just began training competitively last October. So locking in a top prize in the over-forty class in the Miss Figure Masters section most likely meant she rocketed past opponents whom had invested many more years in competitive training.

The curious observer wonders how Mrs. Chinnock juggles it all. Furthermore, what is being sacrificed. After all, something has to give. All three of her roles are extraordinarily demanding and also require a certain type of person; a person that takes determination seriously but does not let it slow them down. Mrs. Chinnock concludes that her workout schedule helps keep her mentally fit as well, allowing her to juggle the day job of child and family law, and then juggling her own family and home life.

The workout “bug” did not just bite Mrs. Chinnock one day, she has said that she had “always been interested in fitness” and that this was not something spontaneous. While the interest was always apparent in the background, she said that that same interest is what led to the more serious training that began last October.

Competing in the over-forty class also means that Chinnock has at least two children old enough to require minimal “mum-management”. Of her four children, Rhys 20 and Rhian 18 should require the least amount of oversight (one would hope). That leaves Dylan, 9 and Leona, 5 whom still need their own personal barrister at home. All of her children are impressed and proud of their mothers achievements. Whether it was the call to the bar in 1998 or the most recent victories in competitive bodybuilding.

Having a busy schedule is exactly what Chinnock uses as the foundation of her own motivation to train and compete. Commenting on her busy lawyer lifestyle, she says “[it] gives you that challenge and a personal sense of achievement”. Bravo Mrs. Chinnock, because most of us set the short term goal of just making it our of work in one piece, with just enough sanity left to put our feet up when we get home, and zone out to the telly.

The role of dental health in bodybuilding is often underemphasized or ignored entirely. Nevertheless, teeth health plays a crucial role in our overall health, and if the teeth are suffering, then a person is likely to experience effects from that throughout the body. These consequences can include reduced performance, diminished healing and even hindered muscle growth. In fact, there is a strong correlation between a person’s strength and his/her overall dental condition.

Dental Hygiene

The good news is that every tooth issue related to bodybuilding can be managed through proper dental hygiene and regular visits to a dentist. The athletes who experience the worst dental problems are usually those who had poor oral hygiene habits to begin with. Weightlifting is very demanding on the body, and that strain will exacerbate the otherwise minor ill effects from a lacking dental regimen.

Time Management

Bodybuilding is demanding on a person’s time, which is often a big part of the problem. Pressed for time, a person will cut corners, and skipping brushing is simple and seemingly innocuous. On the flipside, productive bodybuilders are usually effective time managers; they have to be in order to meet both the demands of their personal life and their lifting regimen. Therefore, bodybuilders you can use this to their advantage by making dental hygiene a first-class citizen in their daily schedule.


The biggest dental issue for most bodybuilders is their diet. They tend to eat food with a lot of sugars. They also eat a lot of carbohydrates and often get these carbs from sources that are low in the nutrients necessary for balanced tooth health. One of the best ways to dodge this issue is to avoid processed carbs. For instance, homemade pasta has coenzymes and minerals that are important to tooth health and aren’t found in most store-bought pasta.

Frequent Eating

Another related issue is the frequency of eating. Most bodybuilders eat at least six times per day, and most basic dental hygiene guidelines recommend brushing and flossing twice a day, which simply isn’t enough. It may seem like overkill, but the best approach is to have a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and rinse on hand at all times and perform a complete cleaning after every meal, once in the morning and again before bed.

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Many bodybuilders experience intense teeth staining, which is a byproduct of meal frequency coupled with the high-protein diet. For some people, brushing after every meal will be enough to offset it. Many others, however, will have to consult with their dentist and likely increase the frequency of cleaning and whitening. The average person has his/her teeth cleaned every six months, but the average bodybuilder may need to do it three times a year or more.

Teeth Clenching

It’s common for bodybuilders to develop teeth clenching habits that can have a considerable negative effect on overall tooth health, including developing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Bodybuilders should be aware of their clenching habits and be proactive about counteracting them, including performing jaw exercises. If clenching can’t be eliminated outright, then consult with a dentist who may advise wearing a mouthguard or similar measure.


Bodybuilders are particular about their diets and regimens, and if they provide the same care and attention to detail to their teeth, then they can experience optimal teeth health as well.

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Almost 40 to 60% men suffer from man boobs or Gynaecomastia. But thanks to the latest technology and surgical options, you no longer have to live with man boobs if you have them. Men of all ages can suffer from male boobs, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. However, it does take a toll on a person’s confidence but not anymore. Following points discuss some benefits and facts about Vaser Liposuction –

• Advantages of Vaser Liposuction – The technique of this surgery is better than that of traditional liposuction. The surgery involves minimal recovery time and is quick. There are a few advantages of this surgery, which are as follows –

1. Increased Self Esteem and Self Confidence – Man boobs can often cause confidence crisis and many people feel like their self-esteem is plummeting down. Male boobs frequently occur in body builders who have now retired but since they are used to having a great body, confidence crisis is understandable. By getting this surgery, your confidence would shoot up, and you will feel better about yourself.

2. Makes Your Body Proportionate – The surgery would make you look better, and looking good is the first step towards feeling great and being happy. It makes your chest firmer and puts you in a better shape than ever before. Male boobs can make you look disproportionate, which can lead to a lot of self-consciousness. By male chest reduction surgery, your body would be more proportionate and you would definitely look better. It would make your self-consciousness go away. After the surgery, your chest would be flatter, and the contour would be better as well.

3. Better Choice of Clothes – It is often noticed that having male boobs limits your choice in clothes. You are forced to wear baggy t-shirts and clothes that make you look overweight and ruin your body shape. Just because you have man boobs, you are obstructed from looking like the way you want. By male chest reduction surgery, you will have a wider choice in clothes that complement your tastes and style.

4. No Scarring, No Pain and Quick Recovery Time – The surgery just involves tiny incisions. This means that you will not have to go through any pain because of the surgery. Also, the scarring is barely anything to nothing, and the recovery time is pretty quick. You can return to your normal day to day activities in 2 – 3 days.

5. Permanent Procedure – The procedure is a permanent one and you do not have to go through it again. The excess fat is removed and there will not be any recurrence of male boobs. This makes this procedure promising because it is just a single time that you have to go under the knife, and you will be free of your man boobs forever.

There is a reason why traditional liposuction does not work for male boobs, and you have to go for Vaser Liposuction. Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound energy and separates fibrous tissues from the fat cells. While traditional liposuction works towards breaking down the fat, Vaser Liposuction almost melts it and makes the removal much easier. The fat and the gland are both easily removed during the procedure. The cost of Vaser Liposuction can be around $5000, and you also get an initial consultation for a few hundred dollars. The treatment expenses would be a one-time expense for you because of the permanent nature of the results.