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If you live an active lifestyle, then you know that sometimes you need help to get results. Many times I’ve felt like I’m working out but I’m not seeing results, and this is completely frustrating. So what are you supposed to do in such a situation? My answer would be to use dietary supplements. These supplements are not magic pills, but rather healthy nutrients that help boost the results of your diet and training.

One of the brands that I trust is BioChem, which has been an innovator in this industry for more than 15 years. If you want high quality whey protein then this should always be your first stop, as BioChem has perfected the production of this incredible protein. The BioChem 100% Whey Protein in particular is one of the most popular dietary supplements on the market, due to its excellent protein profile that delivers exceptional results.

That is why we will review the BioChem 100% Whey Protein below, so that you can know all there is to know about this product.

Who is it made for?

The BioChem 100% Whey Protein is a pure dietary supplement that has been made to complement your protein diet. This protein powder is perfect for anyone trying to improve their muscle recovery, or promote their weight management endeavors.

Features of the BioChem 100% Whey Protein

BioChem 100% Whey Protein Vanilla 1.8 Lb is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put BioChem 100% Whey is a one of the best in our protein powder List.

High Quality Protein

Protein powders should always include high quality protein sources; otherwise you will not get any results from your diet or training. That is why BioChem makes used of high quality whey, which will get the most out of your workouts. This whey is composed of a spectacular amino acid profile, which optimizes muscle tissue growth. In this way you can start seeing results almost immediately.

This whey protein has also been shown to promote tissue repair, tissue health, and immune health, which is quite amazing when you think about it. The fact that you get 20g of protein per serving is also incredible, especially when you consider the affordable price tag of this protein powder.

Lastly, the protein powder has unique peptides, which promote your health so that you are always in tip top shape.

Pure Composition

There are many protein powders on the market that are loaded with unnatural additives. You should steer clear from these protein powders at all times. Thankfully, the BioChem 100% Whey Protein has been sourced from grass fed cows, which have not consumed any artificial growth hormones.

This whey protein is therefore GMO-free, in addition to being gluten free, soy free, and 99% lactose free.

Tastes Great

When selecting a protein powder taste should not be the most important aspect, however, there is no harm in choosing a great tasting powder. The BioChem 100% Whey is smooth and creamy, and it has a delicious taste. This easily digestable protein powder will perfectly complement your beverages, shakes, and food. It is also free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors.

Easy to Prepare

Last but not least, the BioChem 100% Whey Protein is incredibly easy to prepare. All you need to do is mix 2 scoops of the protein powder with 6oz of water or your favorite beverage.

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