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When it comes to the world of protein powders, you will encounter a myriad of options each varying in composition and effectiveness. And it’s quite sad to see that many manufacturers flood the market with sub standard products that do not help one bit. Amidst all of this sadness, I came across a protein powder that was rated 4.9 stars on Amazon. I couldn’t believe my luck, where had this protein powder been all my life?
The powder that I am talking about is the Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP), which is a powdered drink mix which is composed of the highest quality protein ingredients. This mix is meant to act like a protein supplement to your diet, so that you can witness increases in muscle tone, mass, strength, and performance. And best of all, it is incredibly easy to use.
That is why we will be reviewing this top rated powdered drink mix below, so that you can get to know why it is so popular.

Who is it made for?
UMP has been made for healthy and active individuals over the age of 18 years. This protein powdered mix is also excellent for fitness competitors, figure competitors, bodybuilders, models, mixed martial artists, power lifters, and those who participate in cardiovascular/resistance training.

Features of the Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein


UMP is highly versatile, and this is just one thing that makes it stand out from other protein powders on the market. This protein is sometimes referred to as the ‘anytime protein’, due to the fact that it works well 24 hours a day. The ingredients profile of this mix allows it to promote muscle building and sculpting even when you are sleeping, which is extremely efficient.
You can also use this protein in place of your meal, after your workout, and between meals.

Anabolic Leverage

UMP has a high MPI (Milk Protein Isolate) content, and this is so that it can sustain a high anabolic leverage. What this all means is that this protein powder supports a muscle protein synthesis process, which works to build muscle tissue. You can therefore be assured of great muscle mass gains, as well as remarkable improvements in muscle strength and muscle tone.
You will not find another protein powder with such a high MPI.

Protein Composition

Seeing that this is a protein powder, the protein composition should be high. As I have just mentioned above, UMP has an exceptionally high MPI content, with each serving of this powder containing 80% slow release casein and 20% fast release whey.
Additionally, the powder has a critical cluster of amino acids, such as arginine, glutamine, leucine, valine, and isoleucine. These amino acids promote the muscle gaining process.

Delicious Flavors

No one wants to drink something that tastes nasty, and the same goes for protein powder. That is why UMP has created delicious flavors for its powders, so that you can always enjoy your drink. These flavors come as a result of a perfect combination of essential oils, aromas, and essence. You won’t be able to get enough of UMP.

Great Consistency

Last but not least the protein powder has great consistency, ensuring that each scoop of powder mixes well with a cup of water. This means that you do not have to struggle with clumpy drinks, as UMP has enough whey protein isolate to guarantee top mixability. The UMP protein powdered mix is definitely great quality all around.

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