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MP Max Nitro Extreme is a supplement that is used throughout the sports world. It has been developed to help blood flow in working muscles throughout the body which allows you to put more power behind the workouts that you do, which ultimately maximizes your pump power. It was made as an amplifier to help those tired, weak muscles provide the pump during your work out that they need to go the extra mile and get that extra boost for those long work outs.

MP Max Nitro Extreme has been shown to increase NO levels within the body due to the active ingredients which gives more power to the push. The enzymes within it all work together to create the perfect blend that is needed for a total body work out. It can also regulate the NOS activity within the body which creates a large push effect for the pump of your work out. A lot of other supplements cannot provide this much power.

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While many of the dietary supplements used by bodybuilders have been around awhile, creatine is a rather more recent discovery. Normally found in red meat, creatine has been in use as a dietary supplement for a little over a decade. During that time, it has been shown to be one of the most safe and effective supplements available for enhancing a bodybuilder’s workout. Creatine improves the body’s physiological response to working out, while simultaneously increasing the energy and endurance of the person who takes it, allowing you to work out for longer and lift more weight.

The most versatile, most easily digestible, and tastiest form of creatine is found in the form of creatine monohydrate. It can be extremely effective when taken either before or after a workout. When taken before, it can increase endurance, energy, and lifting power. When taken after, it allows you to recover more quickly from your workout, so you feel better sooner. Read the rest of this entry »