Are Legends Born or Made? – Bodybuilding Supplement Blog

The other day, I was sat at home with the family having a general discussion. After a while, we ended up getting on the topic of legends. This was spurred off by seeing a TV advert which featured some of the athletes from last years olympic games. People such as Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and more. We then got onto the question ‘Are legends born, or made?’ which sparked an interesting conversation. I thought this would make an interesting topic for our blog, so I set off doing a little bit of research!

Whilst looking through the internet, I came across something called ‘Voyage’ which is run by the drinks brand Heineken. It is part of a global campaign which is linked to their ‘Legends’ platform and I stumbled across it by chance.. It basically involves taking someone who is outgoing, sociable, confident etc, then taking them out of their comfort zone by putting them into a situation they have never done before. The examples flying around the internet at the moment give an example of someone being ‘dropped’ into the freezing wilderness of Alaska, with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get you home. They’ll then drop you somewhere hundreds of miles away from the airport. It definitely does make for some brilliant viewing!

The ‘candidates’ will have no idea where they’re going prior to the launch of the campaign. They’ll be provided only very basis supplies and directions and it will be down to their will power, strength and determination to see them through it. You can view a bit more about the campaign via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel and follow each of the candidates voyages and even get involved with the casting section.

The whole aim of the campaign is to tailor the ‘adventure’ (if you’d call it that?) to each individual candidate. It will be something that completely drops them out of their comfort zone, it completely unscripted and will require them to succeed and possibly become ‘legends’ ? Hopefully each of the candidates will make it home, but it really does make for some fantastic viewing so we had to post it!