5 Best Protein Powder For Men – Buyer’s Guide in 2017

We all know that protein is an important nutrient that is required by the body. It can be found in various foods such as fish, poultry, nuts and beans among others. Getting the right amount of protein that is required by the body can be difficult. This means that you will not get the best results from your workout.

Men will perform perfectly well on different types of proteins. There are specific protein powders that are made for men. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete who trains hard, you want to lose weight or shape up- the intake of proteins is very essential.

Protein powders that contain soya are not ideal for men. This is because they have a tendency of increasing the level of estrogen which in turn decreases the level of testosterone. This can result to some side effects such as loss of libido, slow muscle gain and testicular shrinkage. We have provided you with best proteins that will work well on men and deliver the best results.

This is because they have a tendency of increasing the level of estrogen which in turn decreases the level of testosterone. This can result to some side effects such as loss of libido, slow muscle gain and testicular shrinkage. We have provided you with best protein powder that will work well on men and deliver the best results.

Things To Consider before protein powder

It is important to consider several important things before buying any protein powder. First, determine the type of protein that is used in the protein powder. There are two main categories; vegetable source proteins and animal source proteins. Animal based proteins include beef, milk and casein just to list a few.

On the other hand, vegetable source proteins include pea, soya, and rice among others.You need to consider whether the protein powder you are about to but contains sweeteners and flavors. The choice lies in your hands, what you need to know is that the flavors and sweeteners do not have any impact on the level of nutrition in the protein. Cost of the protein powder is another important thing that should cross your mind. 

Different types of proteins come in different prices. In most cases, the manufacturers add other nutrients like amino acids, and this ends up increasing the price of the protein powders. Another important thing that you should pay attention to is the presence of other enhancements.

A part from the flavors and sweeteners, there are other ingredients that are added by the manufacturer to boost the value and the taste of the protein powders. This makes them easy to use as well as reduce clumping.

How I Selected Best Protein Powder

We spent quite some time looking for the best protein powders for men. There are so many brands of protein powders with different ingredients and prices that we came across. We gathered information from nutritionists, body builders and also visited different sites.

We also went through the information given by customers on many review websites; thankfully, we were able to find top best protein powders that every man should take to help them achieve different goals.

All the protein powders are non-GMO, and they have been tested and proven to be safe for use by men. They contain high levels of protein and other important ingredients that will help build muscles, recover from intense exercises and well as reduce weight.

Top 5 Protein Powder For Men

ATLAS BCAA Instantized Powder

Editor Rating:

Tired, not really inspired to continue doing exercise? No more worries, ATLAS BCAA Instantized Powder empowers your mind and body with some nutritional factors like guarana, yohimbine, caffeine, and many others. This encourages you to get best workout results as well as stimulating your mental drive and inspiration.

This is a great workout supplement that every man should consider trying. It is effective in providing more energy to help you go through your workout effectively. The innovative protein powder contains a formula that will provide you with energy and mental power.

You can rely on this powder to get all the muscles that you require. This is not a product designed for everyone. It is specifically made for men who are involved in high-intensity training and require a healthy and fast muscle growth.

Some of the benefits that you will get from using this powerful protein powder include; a lot of energy, good taste, perfect results, no calories and sugars and a rapid recovery time among other benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • Atlas BCAA Powder provides essential branched chain amino acids in a convenient, great tasting powder
  • Perfect nutrition for pre and post workout
  • Super easy to absorb powder,
  • Perfect for adding to shakes and juices
  • BCAA Powder is sugar free, with a great Lemon Lime flavor
BulkSupplements Pure Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Editor Rating:

The best protein powders that provide the body with many benefits contain no filters or preservatives.

They should be clean and pure like the BulkSupplements in order to get the best from them. This protein powder is rich in protein and tested in the lap for verification and guaranteed purity.

Needless to say, protein is very effective in building and repairing muscle tissues. In addition, it helps the muscles to recover after high-intensity exercises. The BulkSupplement is rich in branched-chain amino acids that are used in the production proteins to boost the physical performance.

If you want to achieve a desired taste, you can add your own sweetener. This protein powder is very clean and mixes with water and other liquids perfectly well. It is low in calories, fat and cholesterol. This means that you are in a position to maintain a healthy body weight

Highlighted Features

  • Rich source of protein.
  • Contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).
  • Clean & pure powder. No fillers or preservatives.
  • Lab test verified & guaranteed purity.
  • Made in USA.
P90X Results and Recovery Formula 30-Day Supply, Smooth Orange Tub 52.9oz

Editor Rating:

Men who are involved in intense workouts require a perfect protein powder that will help them recover faster.

With the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, you are eligible to get necessary nutrients that will help you recover quickly from intense workouts.

The recovery formula should be taken once you are through with workouts. It tastes perfectly good and mixes well with water. This protein powder has a high-protein efficiency ratio that is critical for building blocks for rapid synthesis of muscles.Moreover, it contains vitamins and antioxidants that are effective in reducing muscle soreness and assists growth and repair of muscles.

You can give this protein powder a trial, and you will get an effective way of repairing worn-out muscles after an intense workout.

Highlighted Features

  • A natural 6-carbon sugar, Dextrose (glucose) contains.
  • High Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) blend.
  • Rich levels of Vitamins, including antioxidants.
  • P90X workout formula for heavy tight sehedule workout.
CytoSport Muscle Milk Lean Muscle Protein Powder, Chocolate Malt, 2.47 Pounds

Editor Rating:

Muscle Milk Powder is a functional protein formula with a great taste. It combines 32 grams of quality protein with other essential ingredients that provide you with energy, muscle recovery among other health benefits.

Whether you are on a diet, an athlete or looking forward to gaining strength and lean muscle mass, you will find Muscle Milk very effective.

Taking this protein powder provides you with whey, milk proteins and caseinates that supply the body with constant amino acids for building block of muscle tissues. Another important component found in Muscle Milk is the LeanLipids that provide functional fats, which are mostly burnt for energy and heat rather than being stored as fats.During exercise, muscles get worn out.

This protein powder has carbohydrates that are essential in helping your muscles recover after exercise. In addition, this Muscle Milk contains glutamine, which further helps in muscle recovery.With all the nutritional benefits that are associated with taking this protein powder, you will also enjoy the great taste every time you drink the muscle milk.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium, multisource proteins for a rich source of amino acids
  • Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats for essential fatty acids
  • Naturally rich in amino acids
  • Lactose free
NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate, 100 Pure 5Lb (Packaging May Vary)

Editor Rating:

NOW Foods provides you with an effective protein powder for all men. This whey protein isolate contains high amounts of amino acids, which enhance the process of metabolism. If you are looking for a whey protein isolate that is easy to digest, you have come to the right place.

Whey protein is considered the best protein because it is very easy to digest. Men who engage in vigorous workouts end up being short of proteins. Proteins are very important to help you rebuild the muscle tissues after a workout. The best thing about thing protein powder is its versatility. It can be used with almost everything because it doesn’t have a strong taste.

The pure unflavored whey protein isolate enables you to get so many benefits. This is because the artificial flavors that are added in many protein powders end up ruining the health benefits. This protein powder is effective for weight loss, burning fat and gaining muscles.Any man who is looking for a nutritious protein powder should consider trying the NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate.

It is all natural with no Aspertame, no Sucralose, no Acesulfame-K; it is 100 percent pure.

Highlighted Features

  • Rich source of whey protein isolate
  • Mixability is so great
  • High Versatilite
  • Mess resistant

Final Verdict

By now, you have enough information about the best protein powders for men. You can effectively make the right selection depending on personal requirements and goals. There are so many protein powders that come from different sources and feature different price tags.

It is important to do a sample testing to enable you to get a protein powder that will be easy to drink, otherwise you might end up buying a powder that is difficult to stomach due to taste among other things. The protein powders for men presented in this article have been tested, and they are safe for use.

They contain a high nutritional value hence helping you get the best from them. For you to get the best results, always eat a balanced diet and engage in physical exercises.

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