Fox Sports 2: Jason Terry talks ACL injury, return to the lineup

Jason Terry will return to action for Fox Sports 1 on Friday, and he’s got the support of his wife, who is also his agent.

Terry, who was limited to just one game in 2014 due to the ACL injury that nearly ended his career, returned to the pitch on Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

He played just 10 minutes in the first half, and had two tackles.

“I’ve been in rehab and rehab, rehabbing for a long time,” Terry told Fox Sports Live.

“I’ve done a lot of rehab and I’m still in rehab, but that’s my goal.

I want to come back to the field.”

Terry was part of a promising Fox Sports 3 squad that featured Kevin Greene, Kevin Patra, and Kyle Kuechly.

He’s now on his second team.

“When you have a guy who has played in two World Cups and played in the Super Bowl, he’s an All-Star and an All Pro,” Fox Sports head of football operations Mike Glickman told

“So I think it’s going to be great to have him back.”

Terry, 29, is set to make his return for Fox on Friday night against the Oakland Raiders.

He said he has “every intention” of playing against them, and if he does get the chance, he hopes to get his first career interception.

Terry said he’ll still be “looking to continue to improve” when he returns to the sidelines, but he feels he’s in a better place.

“You have to take a step back and you have to see where you’re at and what you’re doing,” Terry said.

“Just to continue on in my rehab, I’m not really looking to improve.”

Terry is in his first season as a full-time starter for Fox, but his numbers dropped off a bit in 2014, especially on special teams.

He had just two kickoffs for the Ravens and one punt for the Steelers.