‘I don’t care if you are fat or skinny’ — “The new ‘I Don’t Care If You Are Fat’ video is the most successful ‘I Love You’ video ever”

The video, which has now racked up nearly 10 million views, features two members of the hip-hop group B.O.B. in a scene where they share their weight-loss struggles and share their feelings about each other.

In one clip, one of the rappers looks up to the other and says, “You’re my baby, you’re my son.

You are a son to me.

You’re my daughter.

And I love you, too.”

Watch the full clip below:B.

O: “It’s the new ‘You’re My Baby’ video.”


B: “You got a baby fat inside your body, and I’m your son.”

B.o.: “I don, too.

I don’t even care if it’s fat or thin.”

B:B: “…

You can’t control it, but I love it.

I love your baby fat.

It’s the most powerful thing in the world.”

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