Chevy Volt owners need to replace their muscle cars

A handful of new Chevrolet Volt owners have had their cars repainted in the United States after a battery fire in their vehicles caused a partial loss of power, according to the owners.

One of the owners told CBS News that the fire started in the front passenger side of his 2015 Chevrolet Volt when he was driving home from work early Saturday morning.

He said the battery started burning and he heard a loud bang, but did not see what happened.

He says his wife and children were in the back seat and he went outside to check on them.

When he went back inside to check, he saw smoke coming from the front seats.

He says he called 911 and called the fire department.

The owner of the vehicle that caught fire has been identified as 32-year-old Jose Miguel Sánchez, who lives in the town of Rosarito, N.M.

Sánches mother, Maria, said the car was the only one he owned.

She told CBS San Antonio the car has been in his garage since July.