‘It’s not the best of days’: Senate GOP hits back at ObamaCare repeal push

The Senate on Tuesday blasted the ObamaCare repeal effort, slamming the GOP-led House for making “unacceptable” demands to end the filibuster.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday evening called for an end to the Senate filibuster, calling it an “unconstitutional weapon of obstruction.”

The Senate on Monday passed a bipartisan health care bill that McConnell has been lobbying for for months.

Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R), had vowed to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with something that they dubbed “compromise.”

The House on Tuesday rejected the ObamaCare legislation, along with several other GOP bills.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she would vote against the Senate bill as well.

The Senate vote on the healthcare legislation comes on the heels of the House’s rejection of the healthcare measure, along, as well as other GOP measures.

The GOP-dominated House on Monday voted 219-193 to repeal the ObamaCare health care law.

Senate Democrats are expected to oppose the Senate plan, which is expected to pass in the Senate this week.

The House vote Tuesday comes after a series of Democratic legislative wins that had left many House Republicans divided over their plan to replace the ACA.

Democrats had initially hoped to have the ObamaCare replacement legislation approved by the Senate by the end of this week, and a series from Tuesday evening showed how difficult it will be for them to pass it with enough Republican support.

Senate Democrats have made some concessions on healthcare legislation, including a provision that would allow some states to opt out of the Medicaid expansion and allowing states to provide greater flexibility in how they pay for healthcare for low-income adults.

But those moves are expected soon to be pushed back in the House.

“We will be voting on the Senate healthcare bill, and it is going to be an extremely difficult vote, but it is a vote we are confident will be a vote that we can pass,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D, Minn.).

“I believe we have a chance to pass the healthcare bill this week,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R, Ohio), chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

“I am confident we will be able to pass this bill.”

In addition to the ObamaCare measure, Democrats are pushing a bill to replace a rule barring the government from subsidizing certain drugs and devices, known as the “Drug Price Competition Act.”

That legislation, as of Tuesday night, had passed both chambers, but has not yet been taken up by the Republican-led Senate.

It would set the stage for a major fight over Medicare over the coming months, with the two chambers fighting over who should pay for the healthcare program.